Episode 15 of The Happy Hour Podcast with Simon Ngo is a meaningful conversations segment talking everything chemical-free living with Caitlin Robertson!

The Happy Hour Podcast – Episode 16

Meaningful Conversations: Going Chemical-Free with Caitlin Robertson

This episode is another long awaited Meaningful Conversations segment episode where I invite a good friend of mine, Caitlin Robertson, over to my apartment to talk about her personal journey in going chemical free and sharing her knowledge and top tips in swapping into a more chemical-free lifestyle. We spoke about (the following) plus SO MUCH MORE!

  • how did she get on to this journey herself?
  • what actually are essential oils?
  • how are they extracted and produced?
  • how do we know if we are getting the quality ones vs copycats out there?
  • why she uses Young Living Essential Oils?
  • what are her personal favourite essential oils to use?
  • what household and personal care items we all should swap out with a more chemical-free alternative?
  • what ingredients on the label are immediate red flags?
  • why we need to steer clear of these harmful toxins and chemicals in our lives?
  • is it financially possible for everyone to afford the journey to swap-out?
  • her mission to continually share this chemical-free journey with others and how you can get involved yourself?


  • The must-watch Netflix Documentary “Stink”
  • The must-read article on the companies with harmful chemicals in shampoo
  • The website you can read more about Young Living’s sourcing and sustainable practice in producing essential oils: SeedToSeal.Com
  • The app you can install on your smartphone to cross-check your beauty, household and personal care products on the list of ingredients: ThinkDirty available on both iTunes and Google Play

The upcoming Sydney chemical-free living workshop/gathering/masterclass happening on January 5th, 2019. Please DM either Caitlin or myself on Insta to get all the details. Come along and commence your chemical-free journey sooner rather than later along with the full support of the team. As usual, if you have enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to the podcast wherever you tune in from. A 5-star review will help support a start-up podcast like us a very long way! Look forward to hearing what you guys think on this juicy episode! Until next time, “Sleep is Golden”, “Movement is Medicine”, “Mindfulness is Magic”. Sxx

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Take advantage of the early bird discount ending 31 Dec for my newly designed Mindful Wellness Retreat happening in March 2019! If you have any question or concern, shoot us an email or drop my a DM on my Instagram: @simonngo.wellness. Please subscribe and write a review for this podcast to support the show further! Namaste

Until next time, stay real and stay happy!

​In happiness and kindness, Sxx

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The Happy Hour Podcast with Simon Ngo: Episode 16
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