I’m a wellness coach, yoga teacher, podcaster, speaker and retreat host who is passionate about helping others find more happiness in their lives. Most of my work today is done at Living Simply Simon – a site and platform I created in 2017 in order to share my stories and everything I know about living a more mindful, and more importantly, a happier life.

Today, you can catch me teaching classes around Sydney, on my podcast show – The Happy Hour Podcast with Simon Ngo, and facilitating transformational retreats at exotic locations around the world.



Simon is the most random, positive and not-average person ever. Having lived through higher ups and lower downs than most 27 year olds, Simon hopes to empower other individuals by sharing his most intimate stories (most of which even his best friends don’t know about) publicly to the world.

Today, you can catch Simon facilitating group fitness and yoga classes in studios around Sydney CBD and the Eastern Suburbs. Simon is also an experienced personal trainer and Les Mills instructor trained in BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, BODYSTEP, BODYBALANCE, RPM and GRIT Series programs.  He spent five years as the Group Fitness Manager for two high volume and top performing Fitness First clubs in Bondi. Today, Simon is regarded as an expert when it comes to everything group fitness. His previous working experience as a corporate accountant and marketer has given him the edge to coach start-up and boutique fitness studios on how to create the ultimate member experience, recruit and retain talent, whilst keeping everything finance related under control.

Simon is also the founder and director of Living Simply Simon. As a lifestyle and wellness coach, Simon is well-known for incorporating the ancient teachings of yoga with contemporary coaching science. This is platform where you can find him sharing from tiny drops of wellness wisdom to grand size immersive experience of an active wellness retreat.

“Average is a choice. Choose to be f*cking awesome!” – Simon

Come get personal with Simon.