Baby steps are for…well, not me definitely.

I remember one of my close colleagues and dear friend saying to me there is no baby steps in my world when she found out that I was taking part in the 2017 Crossfit Open just merely after two months of doing Crossfit. We are talking someone who still can’t do a few of key movements you will see during a Crossfit WOD well and efficiently as yet: your double-unders, wall balls, handstand push ups, muscle-ups to name a few. Well, YOLO, just have fun and go out there and smash it upon “3, 2, 1, go!”. And boy oh boy did I smash it! Here I was, doing the Scaled division in the Open and finishing 91st in Australia! I mean..that is just PLAIN CRAZY! Or plain lucky! Yes, so Simon indeed!

So I think I am definitely more of a leap of ‘calculated’ faith kinda gaysian! I mean, not just blindly jumping off the cliff and hoping for the best (unless you’re bungee jumping, in which case, for goodness sake, jump already by counts of 3 and don’t hold up the line!). I mean, you can and there is nothing stopping you but you can’t blame bad luck when things don’t work out. A calculated leap, for me, is more like double (triple, even quadruple) checking there is enough underneath the cliff to catch you before you take the plunge.

A couple of months ago, I decided to quit my job as I thought it was time that I spend more time, energy and effort into building my own brand and business. Start small, you say or as I keep reminding myself. However, after two months of taking my own advice, I decided that it simply just wasn’t for me! I think I must be born a do-er, like I simply need to be doing something in order to feel fulfilment.

When I resigned from my full-time job, I promise myself that as much as making money and earning a living is important, I wanted my business to be something that is of purpose and service to the community. I decided to put all things that I myself enjoy into one pot and stir in to an overseas holiday..a.k.a. RETREAT! Travel, beach, sunshine, workout, yoga, meditation, mental day off, good food, good company..I mean, what more can one ask for?! Chuck everything together, blend, blend, blend, and…voila! You have a private retreat with exactly all the above in Bali, with my very first curated retreat happening at the end of February (and three more already under construction!).

Check out my February Bali Retreat and let me know what you think! Enjoy an extra USD100 off by using my blog promo code: NOTAVERAGE. Strictly restricted to 10 guests only, this retreat is set to sell out! Hope to see you there..

Baby Steps Are For…

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