The Happy Hour Podcast with Simon Ngo

Episode 1 – It’s Happy Hour! Be An Original.

Hi there, I am so glad you made it here! This is the inaugural launch episode of The Happy Hour Podcast! A raw, uncut and unedited podcast hosted by yours truly! I am beyond excited to be sharing this with you all. 

The podcast is a project of mine since launching my online platform, Living Simply Simon. It has only taken me just over 9 months to get here! From learning about what makes a good or entertaining podcast, to researching about the technicality of getting a podcast going, to recording, to editing, to hosting, etc. I am just so happy we are here! Finally able to present The Happy Hour Podcast to you all! You can listen through this blog site I created or via any major podcast sites or apps.

‚ÄčIn this episode, Simon shares some insights on one of his favourite quotes and how he is now living this quote and fully owning it. As a truly uniqued individual, it could not be more right and fitting for Simon to be speaking about taking ownership of being a stand-out person in life, and make sh!t happen!

“When you were born an original, do not die being a copy”

Take ownership of your own originality and be you through and through. When you are figuring yourself out, there is a process I call the ‘behind-the-scenes’. Just know that you are not comparing your ‘behind-the-scenes’ to somebody else’s life highlight reels because people rarely talk about the things that didn’t work out, the ugly side, the failures, etc. But these are pearls to arriving at your own original self.

The Happy Hour Podcast – Episode 1

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