The happy hour podcast with Simon Ngo

Episode 2 – Have we been hiding behind the veil of perfectionism?

In this episode of The Happy Hour Podcast, we explore the topic of ‘what is your weakness?’, as in actual weaknesses. PS Being a perfectionist is not a weakness. Or it is not good enough to simply say that we are a perfectionist. This is all just hiding behind the notion of perfectionism and taking the easy way out!

Guess what?! Truth bomb! Stop hiding and start confronting! It is about breaking it down to truly understand what are the actual weaknesses (in our cases) from us being a perfectionist.

There is absolutely no shame in speaking it out and acknowledging the issue underneath. Let’s stop hiding! There is not need to hide. To conclude, this is exactly how we can learn to manage those weaknesses we have identified and not just brushing it under the carpet.

Get ready to dive into an entertaining (imperfect) episode of The Happy Hour Podcast with Simon Ngo..

The Happy Hour Podcast – Episode 2

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