Episode 10 of The Happy Hour Podcast is a Meaningful Conversations episode with Luke George.

The Happy Hour Podcast – Episode 10

Meaningful Conversations episode with Luke George

Luke is one of my good friends and we used to work in the same club back when I was still a group fitness manager. A man of not many words but he certainly has got lots to say when it comes to debunking some of the myths and misconceptions floating around in the health and fitness space.

As the founder and owner of Luke George Athletic, Luke operates his business at one of the busiest health clubs in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. His current passion are fat loss and lower back pain rehabilitation.

We spoke about
– the most truthful ways to look at health and fitness
– how Luke find balance amongst a super long working hours as a personal trainer
– why he thinks we should not have too many choices in our daily life
– what types of attitudes will get the results

Connect with Luke and tune in to his weekly Facebook Lives here:

Facebook: Luke George Athletic
or his new Instragram page: Luke George Athletic

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Until next time, stay real and stay happy!

​In happiness and kindness,

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The Happy Hour Podcast – Episode 10
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