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Episode 4 – The 5 Things People Don’t Know About Me (part 2)

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Here it is! Part 2 and the other 4 facts!

– I too once suffered from body image issues. Dropping from a 32-inch waist 8 year-old fatty to a twiggy badminton athlete obsessed with staying under 55kg and having a 24-inch waist , I was only given the wake-up call from the universe when I hurt my knee and lost my moment in competitive badminton as a career.

– I once suffered from OCD. Real OCD. Not only being particular how I needed how things to look and are presented, but also some very disruptive behaviours which are impacting day-to-day living. I cried myself out of this cycle after suffering so much pain from the ‘failure’ I needed in my life.

– I am actually the ‘manliest’ when I am exercising. Just put my head down and, as we have said multiple times on the pod, just make shit happen!

– Although an extrovert on paper, I might just be the most introverted extrovert out there. I love my alone time unapologetically.

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The Happy Hour Podcast – Episode 4

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