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Episode 5 – Meaningful Conversation with Marie Anagnostis

In episode 5, I am trying something new! A new segment episode – Meaningful Conversations! An episode specially dedicated to having a meaningful conversation with someone in my life instead. Someone I think have a great story to share, someone I find inspiring and real!

This episode, we are chatting with Marie Anagnostis, who is a good friend of mine. She only has the most positive ways of living life! After catching up for her birthday burgers over lunch back home In Canberra, we had  a fun, deep, meaningful, and real conversation over a cup of peppermint tea in the city centre. Surprisingly, even after knowing each other for years now, we still learned something more about each other and, most importantly, getting real with our life lessons and our outlook on life!

You can connect with her on Facebook: Marie Anagnostis. If you are also a fellow Les Mills instructor based in Australia, you can also catch her at quarterly workshops and say hi!

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The Happy Hour Podcast – Episode 5

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