Episode 9 of The Happy Hour Podcast is a Meaningful Conversations episode with Vanessa Bennett.

The Happy Hour Podcast – Episode 9

Meaningful Conversations episode with Vanessa Bennett

Vanessa is one of my good friends, a fellow Les Mills instructor and high performance coach. She is the queen of all things practicality and in my times of knowing this beautiful soul, she is the most stress-free and easy-going person ever!

As the founder and CEO of Next Evolution Performance, Vanessa is the living and breathing example of how to sustain high performance with less effort. This is one juicy episode not to be missed for sure! If you haven’t already read the blog about getting it done and fitting more in, flick back to that post after you have listened to this super juicy and delicious episode to further find out more about the open workshop we spoke about in the episode.

This super generous, super wise and super practical high performer shares a very scientific and no nonsense approach to sustainable wellness by avoiding burnout. We had some laughs as per usual with my guests on the show whilst talking every about walking the walks to being a more high performing individual. This is one delicious pearl of wisdom packed episode and totally unmissable!

Here are the social links to connect with Vanessa and subscribe to the NEP newsletters mentioned in the episode

Website – Next Evolution Performance
Instagram – @high_perform_ness
LinkedIn – Vanessa Bennett
LinkedIn – Next Evolution Performance

If you have enjoyed this episode, you will also love Episode 8, Meaningful Conversations with Emily Gillies, a close mutual friend of ours. The contrast could not have been more chalk and cheese! The key gems to take away though are equally delicious 🙂 remember, when everything is life is a choice, choose with the most conscious awareness towards more happiness, joy, lightness and freedom!

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The Happy Hour Podcast – Episode 9

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