Welcome to my blog. My name is Simon. A gaysian, a rebel, and most importantly not your typical and average person you will ever meet out there. An accounting ¬†and finance graduate but decided that computers and cubicles aren’t for me after all so i swapped it for centre-stage, music and microphone to become a group fitness instructor and yoga teacher.

I decided to start a blog and write as I want to share my stories, partly to entertain, partly to inspire, but mostly I want you to know that whoever you are and wherever you are, and whatever has ever happened to you, you are never alone. It is easier to think that no one can understand the hardship we are going through. It is easier to isolate ourselves from the world and pretend the problem will improve by itself. The truth is, being an adult is some hard shit. But, guess what, all shit shall pass too and shall end up being flushed away.

Yes, I am only 27 years old and who am I to tell you about living life and all. Well, truth is, I am nobody to tell you that and you shouldn’t let anything run your life in the first place anyway! My two cents of a story is that my parents separated when I was a nine years old, neither wanted the children and I had to mature up extremely fast and I guess I turned out alright anyway today. I have been through the loneliest journey at the age of 23 deciding to move from Canberra to Sydney with one car load of belongings, exactly $239 in my pocket, no job, no long term home and no family. So if these have given you a sense of ‘wow’ so far, then you should bet your two cents that the upcoming posts will be just as inspiring. Otherwise, refunds are limited to two cents only as that was how much you invested! Happy reading from the not-your-average-Gaysian!


Welcome: I am Simon

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