How often do we actually catch ourselves going with the following?

“I have no time”
“I am too busy for___”
“I never have enough time to ___”

Well, guess what? Time is a constant and the fairest game on this planet with everyone given the same amount of 24 hours a day. How you choose to spend it though and where you channel your energy is an entirely different story. Keyword: energy.

As a friend of Living Simply SimonVanessa Bennett from Next Evolution Performance will tell you that it is not always about time. ​In fact, it is never about time. Vanessa is a well-sought after high performance coach. She and her team of coaches believe that everyone can experience high performance and it is even more paramount for businesses and anyone in a leadership role to have increased level of performance.

Their passion for high performance suggests that it is always about spending your energy in the right places! I mean, haven’t we all been there? When we are so engrossed into one task we’re really passionate about, time can suddenly disappears before we know it but we feel so light and happy about it all. And, the best part? Feeling like we have more time and energy to complete other tasks too! In other words, we feel super duper productive.

It is all simple. Just because spend more time something doesn’t necessarily we are actually getting more done. Furthermore, how many times have we also heard the saying “work smarter not harder”?

And, I personally could not agree more! The key to getting things done and making things happen is to have the right amount of energy and attitude to pursuing these to the finish line. Through my regular hangs with Vanessa and also having attended her one-day workshop on performance, it is unsurprising to discover that everything is interconnected. The body, the mind, and the soul to contribute towards performance and productivity.

Even as an individual who is already a go-getter and the master of work-life-balance towards more happiness in life, I still learned something new. Especially learning more about myself! What I truly loved about this workshop was that it was well designed. We kicked off the session by understanding optimal performance vs burnout using neuroscience. Gotta love science! Just saying. This is then followed up by understanding about your personal pace to further increase your personal performance or productivity.

If you have been following me on social, you will know that I am a firm believer and practitioner of mindful living and mindfulness. Therefore, the second half of the day was totally presented in my kind of language. The mind is more powerful than we think and when we can get the mindset fit for purpose, we can move mountains. We can tick off the to-do list with more ease. We can set better goals with the right timeframe. We can get more in. We can get more done.

In other words, we are more productive. We have increased levels of performance. And hopefully, this will also link to more work-life satisfaction and therefore, more happiness on a daily basis.

Vanessa and her team are running another one of these workshops in August and I cannot recommend it enough if you are team leader, a juggler, a strong hustler, or simply someone who wants to understand more about how you function as an individual relative your productivity and performance levels. Remember, investment is a designer handbag or electronic gadget might last a few years but investment in ourselves last a lifetime! I promise you will not be disappointed.

The details of this workshop are as below. More information can be found the event page here.

Vanessa Bennett – CEO, Next Evolution Performance
Kate McKenna – High Performance Coach, Next Evolution Performance

Wednesday, 8 August 2018
8:30 am registration for 9:00 am start (sharp) – 5:00 pm finish

AIA Australia Limited
Level 12, 345 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Need more clarity on this? Get in touch with Vanessa’s team by using the contact form here.

In happiness and kindness,


How To Fit More In & Get More Done
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