And then I got thinking, what would be my perfect lifestyle? Well, I know what it would look like, feel like and to be lived? Question is, is this perfect lifestyle picture that I have been painting my whole life, because that is what the colour palettes and painting guidelines I have been given by the society, really achievable? Is there such thing like a perfect life?

My perfect routine would have consisted of me waking up all bliss in the morning. Headed off to a yoga class to ‘open’ my day so to speak before catching up for coffee and breakfast with close friends. To follow, would be my morning beauty routine to apply essential oils on myself, before hitting the home office or the office ‘on-the-road’ aka my MacBook or iPad for some business agendas. After a nutritious, all-greens, lactose-free, gluten-free, but definitely not fun-free lunch, I would hit the workout deck Crossfit style. If there is a workout, then there absolutely needs to be a post-workout coffee/smoothie/recovery right? Then, I would hit some more ‘work’ before allowing myself to start the winding down process ready for a book, yes, a book, not tv, not internet, not anything else, but a book wiht a hot cup of tea, to finish off the day and to start off my slumber before repeating it all over again the following day.

Sounds pretty good, aye?


What is the one missing component in this picture?

Where? And, I mean, where do I slot in the things I love doing on a daily basis? Whether that is yoga, barre or Les Mills group fitness classes, these are often on a peak slots where it doesn’t fit in my perfect lifestyle picture!

So, can we have it all? Can I have it all? Do I want to have it all?

And soon..

This became the obsession of ‘How can I have it all?”

Well, well, that is one-million-dollar-puzzle everybody else is trying to figure out, isn’t it?

Visualise and act, my dear reader friends. Sometimes, all we need is we just need to know our dream and lifestyle fantasy is not totally and utterly unachievable.

I am doing what I love. I am enjoying life. I am living life. Isn’t that all we can ask for on a daily basis? Happiness and abundance are totally up to us how to live through our dreams and fantasies. Even if it is only a minute a day of ‘feeling and sensing’ a snippet of our dream life. Hmm. I think I can be content with that. Amidst this world where 24 hours are never enough, where there are more goals to achieve that we can dream of, so on and so forth. How about you?

How do you want it all and are you having it all in your lives?

I Want It All.. (Part 2)
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