How do you start your day on a positive note?

The way we start the morning sets up the mood/energy for the whole day! So some self-care 101 strategies begin with allowing yourself some moments or opportunities to set your day right.

My Top 3 tips:

1. Have a warm nourishing drink and enjoy it in the moment with no distractions.

2. Start your day with a workout or Active movements. No need for anything too serious. Even some 10 mins of walking around the block will do the trick.

3. This is my new found favourite. Speak and strike a conversation with a stranger. Sounds odd but weirdly fulfilling. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think?

Set you days up for success and productivity! Light, happy, and stress-free life starts here.


“Average is a choice. Choose to be f*cking amazing!”

Set Your Day Up For Success

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