I know I know..it’s the M word that get thrown around a lot whether it is on podcasts, interviews, books, the internet in general, and more.. truth is, it is because it works.

So what exactly is meditation and mindfulness? Do we really have to be a monk/nun in the mountains completely zen-like levitating against gravity?

Truth be unveiled…not really! There are so many types of meditation and mindfulness techniques out there and it is about finding the one tool which suits your lifestyle, routine, way of thinking so that we can easily slot these practices into our day to day lives.

Here are the three ways I consciously inject and infuse some me and down time into my life.

1. Shhhh in the morning
Although I am an early riser, I am definitely not a morning talker or doer. I am almost what one would say antisocial. My mornings upon waking up are pretty sacred. I purposely dedicating this time to being fully present – whilst making my morning coffee, whilst drinking it, whilst watching the silence outside my apartment. My housemates fully know that I don’t interact in the morning, for the first 30-60 minutes at least. It is pure presence, almost like an active meditation.

2. Belly breath
Throughout the day, I usually do a quick check in with how I am feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. I check in with whether I am breathing through my ribs or through my belly. Taking these moments as mini reset throughout the day so keep up the energy level and feel good factor.

3. Just sit
This is my nighttime routine after the oral care and nightly cream and serum to the face. I just sit. In my bed. Sometimes eyes open, sometimes closed. Taking this as a moment to be grateful and truly thankful for everything that has happened that day. It always makes me feel instantly that I have had a good day.

If this has got you intrigued already, come along to  “Yinning and Winning – Art of Slowing Down” where we come to terms with stillness and silence.

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The M Word

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